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  Magic title for weblogs or any pages on the internet
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  Text dances in status bar
  Visitor and counter
  Clock the visitor time visiting the page
  Asking user's name and say welcome
  Clock in website
  Random background color changer
  Text Effect-1
  Text Effect-2
  Today's Date in website
  Save button
  Two lines following mouse
  Date and time following mouse
  Add website to favorites
Back and forward button

Back and forward button

                <!-- this script got from -->
<!-- Start of Back/Forward Buttons Script-->
<!-- Instructions: Just put this script anywhere on your webpage
    and you will give your visitor 2 Back and Forward Navigation
    buttons.  Designed for websites that have multiple webpages.
<!-- hide this script tag's contents from old browsers
function goHist(a)
   history.go(a);      // Go back one.
//<!-- done hiding from old browsers -->
<FORM METHOD="post">
<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="  BACK " onClick="goHist(-1)">
<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="FORWARD" onClick="goHist(1)">

<!-- End of Back/Forward Buttons Script -->

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Free JavaScript
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