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Change the bgcolor

Change the bgcolor

<!-- this script got from -->
<!-- Start of Change BackGround Color-->
<!--   DESCRIPTION:  This will allow the user to change the background color of your page.  Neat trick.

    INSTRUCTIONS:  Place this script anywhere in the <BODY> tag. 

    FUNCTIONALITY: Works in both Netscape and IE.
//Modified by CoffeeCup Software
//This code is Copyright (c) 1998 CoffeeCup Software
//All rights reserved. License is granted to a single user to
//reuse this code on a personal or business Web Site.
// -->
<FONT FACE="VERDANA, ARIAL"><B>Choose a background color:</B></FONT>
<SELECT name="ccGround" size="1" onChange=(document.bgColor=ccGround.options[ccGround.selectedIndex].value)>
<OPTION value="408080" target="1" selected>Cool Green
<OPTION value="C0C0C0" target="1">Cool Grey
<OPTION value="000000" target="1">Black
<OPTION value="730200" target="1">DarkRed
<OPTION value="231800" target="1">Brown
<OPTION value="044302" target="1">DarkGreen
<OPTION value="0D09A3" target="1">Dark Blue
<OPTION value="808040" target="1">Avocado
<OPTION value="800080" target="1">Purple
<OPTION value="444444" target="1">Gray
<OPTION value="FF0400" target="1">Red
<OPTION value="EFE800" target="1">Yellow
<OPTION value="05EF00" target="1">Green
<OPTION value="0206FF" target="1">Blue
<OPTION value="AE08EF" target="1">Violet
<OPTION value="FF8C8A" target="1">Mauve
<OPTION value="FF80FF" target="1">Pink
<OPTION value="FFCCCC" target="1">Peach
<OPTION value="FFCC99" target="1">Orange
<OPTION value="000080" target="1">Darker Blue
<OPTION value="808080" target="1">Dark Grey
<OPTION value="D5CCBB" target="1">Tan
<OPTION value="DDDDDD" target="1">LightGray
<OPTION value="FBFF73" target="1">Light Yellow
<OPTION value="7CFF7D" target="1">LightGreen
<OPTION value="A6BEFF" target="1">Light Blue
<OPTION value="FFFFFF" target="1">White
<!-- Start of Change BackGround Color-->

<font face="Tahoma"><a target="_blank" href=""><span style="font-size: 8pt; text-decoration: none">Free JavaScript</span></a></font>


Choose a background color:
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